About Us

Cognizant of the multifarious needs of Western Australia’s mining industry, power utility companies, commercial and domestic electrical infrastructures , AHD Resources & Energy was established in November 2016 to provide Consultancy Services in Electrical Design, Electrical Network Studies, Electrical Field Services and Electrical System Management.

AHD Resources & Energy is a professional based firm committed to provide strategic advisory services, implementation & operation assistance to its clients' needs.

AHD Resources & Energy operates in Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and South America.


AHD Resources & Energy's mission is to provide clients with various electrical services upholding safety, integrity and excellent services.


Our Team

Hamer Zavaleta-Vidal, BSc EEng, MSc EEng, MIEAust, CPEng

Engineering and Development Manager

Hamer has worked in Western Power and has extensive experiences as an electrical engineer in designing and managing field work, associated with power transmission and distribution networks (cables and conductors), substations and earthing systems.

Lourdes Zavaleta-Cotera

South America Coordination Manager

Lourdes has an extensive experience, working for Electrical Utility industry i.e. Peru and in other South America's utility companies.

Ariel Mangat

Operations, Standards and Safety Manager, has a proven expertise  on distribution and sub-transmission projects, safety and electrical asset incident investigations, and power transformer condition monitoring analysis.